This post and moreover the underlying GitHub repo, provides a Hands-On style intro into highly requested topics in todays IT industry:

  • Kafka : very popular stream messaging platform / data hub
  • Kubernetes : container orchestration framework, or better: “operating system” for modern cloud native applications
  • Tracing : as part of Observability, based on OpenTelemetry framework (emerged from OpenTracing and OpenCensus)

What this post doesn’t provide, is an introduction into the concepts of the tools which are used, hence if you do not know what Kafka or Kubernetes is, please check out that documentation first (e.g. via the links above in…

This is the 2nd, and last, part of a small series about
=> writing a Lambda function which does kind of “chaos monkey”-termination of EC2 instances behind a classic ELB ( Part I )
=> deploying the lambda function and creating all necessary AWS resources via Terraform

This post focusses on the deployment of the lambda function and the creation of the AWS resources to get it into place.

Now that we have the lambda function implemented (see Part I), it is time to figure out what is needed to publish it to AWS, hence which additional resources are required.

In todays distributed, highly-available systems we see often times chaos-monkey style tooling to randomly kill/stop services/processes/nodes to ensure the overall systems stability and resilience.

For the impatient, here the github repo :D

This is a 2-part post, where this first part considers the Lambda function itself and the environment. The second part focusses on deploying the lambda function to AWS by using Terraform, according to Infrastructure-As-Code.
This small series doesn’t focus on explaining the basics of AWS Lambda or Terraform, but more on actually how to use it.

For starters, here some good intros:
* AWS Lambda : run your code…

Gerd Koenig

K8s, Cloud, Kafka, BigData enthusiast … all things CloudNative !!!

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